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Services: Website and Corporate Blog Design

GWWO’s web site was built to strike three primary goals: highlight the firm’s level of creativity, allow for a smoother short-listing process and appeal to top-tier talent.

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Large images were used in the home page’s Flash sequence that instantaneously convey the firm’s creative capability. The project portfolio again uses large images while the secondary images for each project are highlighted in a grid fashion that pays homage to the GWWO logo. In an effort to allow for ease of short-listing, a navigation treatment was devised that details all tiers of navigation at all times and on every page. The result was a one-of-a-kind look/feel that speaks to both new talent ready for first time employment as well seasoned veterans looking to make a career change. The site is maintained in-house through a custom content management solution.

Corporate website design for GWWO Architects
Corporate blog design for GWWO Architects