But First, Coffee

By Vitamin

Quickmill Anita Espresso Machine

In the Vitamin studio, few things can be as unanimously agreed upon as “but first, coffee.” We recently upgraded to the QuickMill Anita espresso machine, and the coffee aficionados amongst us couldn’t be happier. Craving a more consistent rich flavor and crema, the Anita has pressure gauges providing greater precision control over each shot. 

Pulling the perfect shot of espresso is no small challenge, but equipped with the QuickMill our team has dialed in on a consistent cafe level of quality. Sorry, Starbucks.  

  • Coffee — Ceremony Coffee’s Destroyer and Mass Appeal are two great local espresso roasts!
  • The Grind — Finding balance in the grind is crucial for good espresso. The water can’t pass through too quickly, but grind too fine and the machine will struggle.
  • Tamping — The sweet spot for tamping is 30lbs of pressure. Regardless of great coffee and the perfect grind, too little or too much tamping pressure can ruin an otherwise perfect shot.
  • Temperature — Optimal temperature is between 190 and 202 F. The Anita comes standard with a 1.6 liter copper boiler that warms up in 20 minutes and maintains consistent brewing temperature throughout the day.
  • Pressure — Proper espresso extraction occurs at around 9 bars (9 atmospheres) of pressure or roughly 130psi. The pressure gauge on the Anita allows us to fine tune the grind, tamping and temperature all in an effort to dial this in.

Thanks to our new espresso machine, we’re enjoying cafe quality coffee everyday! Do you have any tips for making the perfect cup of coffee? Drop us a line in the comments.

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