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3 Reasons Creative Briefs Are Critical

A creative brief is a simple but important document that agency teams use to jumpstart a major project such as an ad campaign, a video or print design piece. The brief is typically developed by your agency based on previous client communication and it sets the stage for the entire project. The brief includes everything from project goals…

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4 Reasons Nonprofit Organizations Should Be On Twitter

Are you having a hard time understanding how Twitter can be of value for your nonprofit? Have you been told that Twitter is best for for-profit companies? Our nonprofit clients often come to us wondering the same thing: should we invest time and effort into Twitter? In our experience, we have found that Twitter engagement…

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How ‘Millennial’ is Your Business?

Millennials — defined as anyone born between the early 1980s and early 2000s — are taking over the world and particularly, the business world. Currently, they are the largest generation in the workforce, surpassing Baby Boomers and Gen X. As you evaluate your work environment, you may notice that Millennials have a growing presence: whether…

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3 Ways a Marketing Plan Can Be a Game-Changer

We’re already through the first quarter of 2017 — can you believe it? While most marketing executives set loose goals for the year, many forego the process of developing a formal marketing plan. A thorough marketing plan will create a unified focus for your company and can play a significant role in growing and /…

By Alex Rebele / Technology / Web Design

Getting the Best Out of Photography for Your Website

Powerful and authentic imagery makes a big impact on someone visiting your website; it immediately establishes a connection between your brand and your audience. As technology continues to become more affordable, high-resolution and color-rich displays are becoming the common viewing source, so it is important to take great care when selecting (or taking) photography for your brand….

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2017: It’s Gonna Be a Spicy One!

Hey folks! Another year has gone by and now it’s time to journey boldly into the new year. We’re excited to see what 2017 has in store for us all. As you may know, we generally send an annual holiday or new year gift to our clients. In the past we’ve gifted cupcakes, Kinderhook deliciousness, coffee, hot…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter: Healthcare Edition

Most healthcare leaders know that Twitter can be a useful strategic tool for their organizations to build credibility and increase patient loyalty. But many are still leery about utilizing Twitter and other social networks due to perceived risk. So how do you best navigate Twitter as a healthcare organization? Here are some do’s and don’ts…

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Best Uses of Snapchat in 2016

If there was any doubt about the value of a brand presence on Snapchat, the wildly successful campaigns brands executed this year definitely proved its worth. Here are our top four favorite Snapchat campaigns of 2016: 4. Presidential Campaign Lenses and Geofilters Coming in in 4th place is the unique way the presidential candidates infused…