Best Uses of Snapchat in 2016

By Vitamin

If there was any doubt about the value of a brand presence on Snapchat, the wildly successful campaigns brands executed this year definitely proved its worth. Here are our top four favorite Snapchat campaigns of 2016:

4. Presidential Campaign Lenses and Geofilters

Coming in in 4th place is the unique way the presidential candidates infused Snapchat into their campaigns. Both the Clinton and Trump campaigns released Snapchat lenses and geofilters throughout their campaigns to give voters another way to show their support. Using Snapchat was a great way for the presidential candidates to get the millennial generation — the largest generation in the U.S. electorate — actively involved in the election.

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Revival Snapcodes

For the first time ever, Snapchat’s Snapcodes were tied to live TV when Fox remade The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Viewers were enticed to tune in live with different Snapcodes that aired throughout the program and unlocked exclusive Snapchat filters. Social media integrations like this could be the future of live television, as we know it.

2. Gilmore Girls Snap to Unlock

One of the most anticipated Netflix releases of the year was the return of Gilmore Girls. To help build hype leading up to the release (as if Gilmore Girls fans needed any convincing to tune in), Netflix sponsored a takeover of local cafes around the country so that fans could have a cup of coffee from “Luke’s Diner” in real life. The cafes served coffee in to-go cups featuring the iconic “Luke’s” logo and a Snapcode that unlocked a Snapchat filter within the app. This was a clever way to build buzz around a launch and use Snapchat to extend the experience.

1. Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens

And our #1 Snapchat campaign of 2016 is Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens, which remains the top campaign in Snapchat history. If you were one of the few people who didn’t see the lens (it was viewed 224 million times in one day, according to Adweek), it transformed the user’s face and head into a larger-than-life taco. Not to mention that the user’s eyes became engulfed in flames as the signature Taco Bell “Bong” sound went off. It was certainly one of the strangest Snapchat lenses of the year, and is proof that nothing gets the attention of the masses like thinking outside of the box…or bun.

Are you active on Snapchat? What were your favorite Snapchat campaigns of 2016?

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