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Q&A With Amanda Rodriguez

Background Name / Title: Amanda Rodriguez, blogger, founder of DudeMom ( First job: At 14 my dad got me a job as a receptionist at an alcohol and drug addiction counseling center. I literally never did drugs because of that experience. Well played, Dad. Well played. Best advice for busy moms: Don’t sweat the small stuff….

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Offices to Envy

Creating collaborative workspaces is one of the biggest office design trends that business executives have latched onto in the past several years. We see it everyday at Vitamin with our own clients, many of whom operate in the built and commercial real estate industries. They are building, designing, selling and leasing unique and open office…

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Best Mom-Minded Ads

Moms are a significant target audience for consumer brands. They represent a $2.4 trillion market and more often than not, they are the household decision makers and shoppers, so brands are constantly spending money on research and marketing to capture more of moms’ mind share and market share. Being a mom is a full-time commitment…

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4 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Content Marketing

“Content marketing” has been a popular industry term for quite some time now. It’s also proven to be a successful means of communication for both B2C and B2B companies. So why aren’t marketers everywhere implementing it? If you’ve been slacking on your content marketing, below are four compelling reasons to buckle down and make it…

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Hoppin’ Health & Wellness Blogs

Health and wellness is all the rage these days – and it should be! There is no harm in taking a vested interest in learning how to live a long, healthy life. Here are five blogs that can help you keep your health on track. If you agree with the mantra “being fit is always…

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Stats on Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketers should be using an integrated plan to reach patients where they are most. By strategically incorporating search engine optimization (SEO), public relations, social media and email into your marketing plan, you can ensure that your healthcare brand is successfully being seen by your targeted patient population. Don’t believe us? Check out the infographic…