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By Nikki Bracy / Advertising

3 Reasons Creative Briefs Are Critical

A creative brief is a simple but important document that agency teams use to jumpstart a major project such as an ad campaign, a video or print design piece. The brief is typically developed by your agency based on previous client communication and it sets the stage for the entire project. The brief includes everything from project goals…

By Nikki Bracy / Advertising

The Battle of the Cell Phone Networks

Have you been keeping up with the strange advertising battle of the cell phone networks? The commercials have gotten progressively more competitive as the year has gone on … and it’s literally amazing. In case you forgot, it all started with balls. Verizon released a commercial called “A Better Network As Explained by Colorful Balls.” Different colored balls…

By Nikki Bracy / Social Media

Snapchat: The Social Network to Beat?

Could Snapchat be the social network to beat? Facebook and Instagram certainly seem to think so. Since Snapchat came onto the scene in 2011, it has climbed the charts — particularly amongst millennials who had learned the hard lesson that what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet. The fact that your “snaps” disappear…

By Nikki Bracy / Social Media

3 Reasons B2B Execs Should Embrace Social Media

For the typical c-suite executive, your day is spent doing a myriad of things to keep the business running smoothly and long story short — you don’t have time to waste. As a result, many B2B execs have cast social media aside, considering it to be a waste of their time or a medium “for…

By Nikki Bracy / Advertising / Fun

Vitamin’s Top 5 Ads of 2015

2015 was a fun year of advertising. We saw a puppy and owner bond in a hilarious Purina brand video; watched Microsoft and Apple play nice during the holidays; and saw Coca-Cola take a stance on bullying. But below is our list of our absolute favorite ads of the year. They were creative, engaging to…

By Nikki Bracy / Business

4 Things to Remember this Planning Season

Planning season is upon us. Ideally, you’ve already started preparing your major initiatives for 2016 and are just putting on the finishing touches. But many companies are currently playing catch up. Here is a list of four things that tend to slip through the cracks during planning season, but need to stay top of mind:…

By Nikki Bracy / Social Media

Top 4 Social Networks to Watch

  We all know that social media is an ever-evolving beast with new apps, networks and platforms being developed and utilized everyday. But amongst the constantly growing list of social networks coming to market, there are always a few that rise to the top – the standout social networks that make a big impact with…

By Nikki Bracy / Q & A

Q&A With Amanda Rodriguez

Background Name / Title: Amanda Rodriguez, blogger, founder of DudeMom ( First job: At 14 my dad got me a job as a receptionist at an alcohol and drug addiction counseling center. I literally never did drugs because of that experience. Well played, Dad. Well played. Best advice for busy moms: Don’t sweat the small stuff….

By Nikki Bracy / Business / Fun

Offices to Envy

Creating collaborative workspaces is one of the biggest office design trends that business executives have latched onto in the past several years. We see it everyday at Vitamin with our own clients, many of whom operate in the built and commercial real estate industries. They are building, designing, selling and leasing unique and open office…

By Nikki Bracy / Advertising / Branding

Best Mom-Minded Ads

Moms are a significant target audience for consumer brands. They represent a $2.4 trillion market and more often than not, they are the household decision makers and shoppers, so brands are constantly spending money on research and marketing to capture more of moms’ mind share and market share. Being a mom is a full-time commitment…

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