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Value-based Decision Making

Websites range in complexity from massive eCommerce systems to simple, single-page portfolio sites. Regardless of how big or small a project is, a lot of decisions need to be made along the way in order to successfully transform what began as an idea into a fully functioning website. So, how do we go about making…

By Doug Hucker / Fun

How to See Color Like a Designer

When you walk into the paint section of a hardware store, you usually find yourself staring at a wall of colors; a rainbow composed from thousands of tiny paint swatches, each one with a unique name. The colors have labels that read like flavors and flowers: Tangerine, Lavender, Marigold, Grapefruit, Dewberry! You probably had no…

By Doug Hucker / Technology / Web Design

Give Your Web Presence a Boost in 2015

What resolutions did you make for your business in 2015? If retooling your website is one of them, check out these helpful tips for giving your digital presence a big boost this year. 1. Work on your flexibility If you haven’t already, it’s time to make your site responsive. Not familiar with responsive web sites?…