Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

By vitamin

Each year, around 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions – yet only 8% keep them. It’s tough to break bad habits, and it’s even tougher to continuously improve yourself for 365 days straight. Luckily, technology is here to help.

Need to stay organized? There’s an app for that. Need to save money? There’s an app for that too. Check out our list of this year’s most popular resolutions – and our favorite apps to help you reach each goal.

Bonus: All of these apps are free!

Losing weight
Nike+ Training Club: For those of us who suffer from gymtimidation, Nike+ Training Club offers a personal trainer from the comfort of your phone. Looking for new workouts? The app offers a catalog of exercises aligned with specific goals, such as getting lean, toned or strong.

Staying organized
EasilyDo: Want to hire an assistant but don’t have the resources? EasilyDo is one of the most powerful organization apps on the market. The free version allows you to track bills, birthdays, travel itineraries, packages, calendar events and more. It even syncs to your favorite social networks, seamlessly blending work and pleasure into one interface.

Getting better sleep
Pillow: The Pillow app is guaranteed to make your boring smartphone alarms obsolete. Pillow is an advanced alarm clock that allows you to monitor your sleep patterns and track your best nights’ sleep. It also wakes you up during your lightest phase, allowing you to wake up refreshed. It doesn’t hurt that the app itself is absolutely stunning – but then again, we’d expect nothing less from technology that encourages beauty sleep.

Eating better
Yummly: While there are many recipe apps out there, Yummly is by far one of the most expansive, allowing you to filter dishes not only by taste, but by diet and nutrition as well. You can collect your favorite recipes under the “My Yums” tab and the app even offers a food delivery service, so you can skip the line at the grocery store.

Saving money
Mint: Mint may be the most popular personal finance app available, and with good reason. It allows you to track your spending, create a budget and receive bill reminders. You can receive your credit score within the app, and weekly email summaries break down your budget.

Drinking less caffeine**
UP Coffee: Worried you have a caffeine addiction and need to cut down on your intake? UP Coffee you monitor it — with an extra shot of knowledge. Brought to you by
Jawbone labs, the app lets you know when you’re wired, as well as how long it will take for you to become sleep ready. After seven days of use, it reveals your  “caffeine persona” showing you just how much caffeine is affecting your sleep patterns.

**We can’t verify that this app actually works. No one in our office wants to kick their caffeine addiction.

What are your New Year’s resolutions and how are you keeping them? Leave your answers below!

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