Alaz Approves – Find Your Celebrity Look Alike

By vitamin

Ever wonder which high profile, gorgeous celebrity you resemble? People are always saying I look like a combination of Jerry Lee (K-9) and Sam (I am Legend) all the time! Well, the question has recently sparked intrigue, laughter, and small debate amongst the Vitamin team. We surfed the web and found these interesting sites you may enjoy.

Facemath, a trending blog on Tumblr, takes 2-3 celebrity faces and predicts what the combination of those faces may actually look like. This is a fun and interesting site to peruse on your lunch break.

For those of you looking for something a bit more personal, has an easy-to-use celebrity face recognition app, which allows you to add your own photo and computes your very own celebrity look-alike.

Well, we just couldn’t pass up these opportunities to either stroke our egos or laugh out loud hysterically. What do you think, pretty accurate right? Alaz, approves.

Facemath Mike Karfakis
Matthew Fox + Keanu Reeves = Mike

Facemath Natalie Barg
Chloe Moretz + Whitney Port = Natalie

Facemath Amanda Karfakis
Carrie Ann Moss + Cameron Diaz = Amanda

Facemath Doug Hucker
Taylor Lautner + Vin Diesel = Doug

Facemath Kelley
Jordin Sparks + Kyla Pratt = Kelley

Precautionary warning — visiting these sites may cause extreme lack of focus and encourage unproductive office camaraderie.


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