Alaz Does Not Approve: The Selfie Brush

By Alaz

Yes, humans; the selfie brush is an actual thing. For the cost of two nice-sized dog bones ($20) – and your dignity – you can have a selfie brush of your own. It offers you the protection of an iPhone case, the convenience of a traveling beauty kit and the reassurance that your fur will be groomed to perfection for every selfie you take henceforth.

Built-in brush on one side and iPhone on the other, the device touts “professional results” for your next selfie. It also claims to be the perfect social media tool and easy for ladies to find in their pocketbooks (because, well, it’s a giant hairbrush). But I will throw the selfie brush a bone – it does help combat my massive amount of shedding.

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Moral of the story? There’s a barking mad selfie craze on the loose, and it has gone to the dogs. Just last year, the Oxford Dictionary named “selfie” the word of the year. Since then, everyone from celebrities to extreme sports enthusiasts, politicians, babies, dogs like me – and even ALS Ice Bucket Challenges – have been selfied.

While use of the selfie brush would have certainly made Bradley Cooper’s reach a bit longer, even without it Ellen DeGeneres’ celebrity-studded Oscars picture (below) was still named the most retweeted tweet of all time – not a hair out of place in the pack!

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And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse – someone created the sombrero selfie. Put your paws together for the most ridiculous invention ever. WOOF.

I’ll be the first to admit it – sometimes my selfies can look a little ruff. But even I have to howl with laughter at the ridiculousness of this product. This is proof that the #selfie movement has gotten out of hand. We should all get a handle (no pun intended) on our social media addictions, take a walk in the park and put down the selfie brush.

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