Alaz Does Not Approve: Social Media Freak-Outs

By vitamin

I understand that social media is a complicated, ever-changing beast, but the basics of customer relations haven’t changed in eons. Unfortunately, there are some brands out there that never got the memo and now, their social media blunders will go down in digital history.

Take a look at the three most entertaining social media freak-outs and the lessons to learn from them:

The Food Critique Freak-Out

Lesson #1: Don’t start a conversation on social when you’re angry – mull it over with a chew toy before you react.

Offender: Claude Bosi

The Freak-out: When food critic, James Isherwood, published a less-than-exemplary review of the restaurant Hibiscus, he hit a sore spot with the restaurant’s celebrity chef, Claude Bosi. Check out the Twitter drama Bosi sparked after reading Isherwood’s blog review.


The Fall-Out: Needless to say, the Twitter banter earned the blog post a lot more visibility than it would have if Bosi had just kept his cool. Blogs, online publications and national papers such as The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Telegraph all caught wind of the Twitter war and published their own stories about it – giving the issue even more reach.

Source: Search Engine Journal

The Name-Calling Freak-Out

Lesson #2: Embrace social media as a customer service tool. If you aren’t going to be receptive to customer feedback, social isn’t the place for your brand.

Offenders: Amy’s Baking Company

The Freak-Out: After an unsettling debut on Kitchen Nightmare and years of serving sub par meals, Amy’s Baking Company was finally ousted for its poor customer service, strange business practices and inedible “food.” And when customers took to popular review networks like Yelp and Reddit … Amy and Samy barked back on Facebook.


The Fall-Out: The next day, the owners deleted all of the offensive posts claiming their Facebook page was hacked, but no one’s fooled – their dusty paw prints are all over that one. Since the freak-out, Amy’s Baking Company has grown its Facebook following … and its reputation as a less-than-mediocre establishment, run by an inept pair of delusional owners. Well done.

Rumor has it they’re cat owners. Explains a lot.

Source: Mashable

The Never-Ending Freak-Out

Lesson #3: If your brand chooses to respond to a crisis via social media, keep the message short and sweet.

Offender: Applebee’s

The Freak-Out: After an employee was fired for posting a picture of a sarcastic note from a customer on her personal Facebook page, the news made quite a splash in the social space. Applebee’s finally decided to respond on its corporate page, but after I saw the response (or should I say, responses) I think Applebee’s may have fired the wrong employee.

See how the hours of drama unfolded, here.

The Fall-Out: The story received more than 1.4 million views and never-ending brand criticism. WOOF.



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