Alaz Approves: Show Your Soft Side

By vitamin
Torrey Smith - Lubow

There’s no better way to spend the new year than getting love from my owners and appreciating my happy home. That’s why my ears perked right up when I heard the neighborhood pups barking about the award-winning public service campaign, Show Your Soft Side, created to combat animal abuse in Baltimore.

Research shows that kids who abuse animals soon graduate to even more violent crimes, so Show Your Soft Side is nipping that behavior in the bud. With the goal to change the mindsets of young people who view the maiming and torturing of defenseless cats and dogs as a sign of “manhood,” the Show Your Soft Side campaign features some of America’s most well known tough guys caring for their adoring animals. The campaign successfully shows that no matter how badass you are, you have to “show your soft side” with animals – ‘cause we deserve it – and as the campaign states: only a punk would hurt a cat or a dog.

Sande Riesett is the brain behind Show Your Soft Side – the woman has all of our tails wagging! As an avid animal lover, she was appalled by the amount of animal abuse in Baltimore and fortunately for us animals everywhere, she had the gusto to do something about it. She pulled together a creative team to launch Show Your Soft Side, creating high-impact billboards, posters and bus stop boards to spread a message of animal advocacy. But that’s not all – she also donates the bulk of the money raised to animal shelters and anti-animal abuse causes. Two paws up for Sande!

And I can’t forget to give a love lick to Leo Lubow, the photographer who used his talents to help make this project come to life.

Check out these fluffy friends and their adoring celebrity owners.

Is that Tommy Lee getting friendly with his pooch? Woof woof!

SYSS Tommy Lee 2

Oh hey! It’s Gerrard Sheppard showing his soft side with his barking bestie, Ace. (He’s almost cuter than me! … Almost.)

SYSS Gerrard

Check out Josef Newgarden with his purr-fectly poised pet. Now that’s a cool cat.

SYSS Josef

And here’s Baltimore’s own Torrey Smith with his dogs Mama and Prince. I wouldn’t mind playing fetch with them. They seem like a fun and frisky pair.

SYSS Torrey Smith

I know you’re itching for more information on Show Your Soft Side and animal advocacy, so check out their weekly blog and Facebook page. You’ll see that Show Your Soft Side goes far beyond an ad campaign – the depth and breadth of what the organization is doing is remarkable – from helping people stay anonymous when reporting abuse to finding and adopting pets to engineering rescues – not to mention, helping “Softies” propose.

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