5 Reasons Responsive Websites Rule

By vitamin

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Responsive design is the practice of designing and coding a website to function seamlessly across any device: mobile, tablet or desktop. As more and more users step away from their desktops and embrace the freedom that today’s mobile devices enable, ensuring a favorable experience seamlessly across any and all devices is the only way to design for today’s Internet.

Here are five staggering stats about the benefits of responsive websites:

1. Google sends more traffic from smartphones than desktops.

Google places a lot of emphasis on the user experience and encourages companies to build multi-screen websites. That’s why Google rolled out an algorithm that punishes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, thereby motivating businesses to evaluate their website’s mobile performance.

2. The number of adults who own smart devices is increasing.

As of January 2017, 77% of American adults own a smartphone, 20% own an e-reader and 50% own a tablet computer. That’s compared to 2013, in which just 56% of adults owned smartphones, 24% owned e-readers and 35% owned a tablet computer. With such a considerable rise in smart device ownership in just a few short years, it’s not hard to see why companies need to design their websites for smart devices too.

3. Users abandon slow-loading web pages.

Every one-second delay in page load decreases customer satisfaction by 16%. So we can’t say it enough: user experience matters across multiple marketing mediums, especially in web design. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your company’s overall user experience will suffer.

4. More users are accessing the Internet through their smartphones.

In fact, 34% of Internet users mostly go online using their phones and aren’t using other devices, such as a desktop or laptop computer. Which brings us to our last point…

5. Mobile Internet usage has exceeded PC Internet usage for the first time in history.

Mobile Internet use has trumped PC use in recent years, and this upward trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. The beauty of responsive web design is that it adapts to screens based on the screen size, not the device itself. This means that your responsive website will still look great when adapting to new devices such as smart TVs, watches, glasses or other wearables.

Need a bonus reason to make your website responsive? Responsive web design is recommended by Google to boost your SEO.

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