5 Mind-blowing Cinemagraphs

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Mind blowing cinemagraphs

If you have a Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram account — or follow AdWeek religiously – chances are you’ve heard of cinemagraphs, (photographs with minor moving elements). And if you haven’t heard of them, you will soon as more and more brands are incorporating the technology into their social media and retail store marketing. Check out a roundup of our favorite cinemagraphs.

5. Diesel

We love the edgy look of these images, and we love how clothing brand Diesel incorporated these cinemagraphs into its retail stores to run alongside its print campaign. Cinemagraphs were posted online, on iPad advertisements and digital billboards.

4. Rachel Zoe


Kudos to Rachel Zoe for creating a gorgeous lookbook made entirely of cinemagraphs. These super-dreamy works of art were shot by famed photographer / blogger Jamie Beck.

3. Dogfishhead


An innovative way to announce the release of its gluten-free brew, craft beer brand Dogfishhead teamed up with photographer Jamie Beck and cinemagraph artist Kevin Burg to visually chronicle the brewing process of its Tweason’ale beer. The result? A mouth-watering slideshow.

2. Ann Street Studio


Yes, we love coffee. Yes, we love newspapers (shout out to our media partners!). Yes, we LOVE this cinemagraph (and all of the others in this blog post). It wakes us up and inspires us to be creative – we just wish our desktop backgrounds were cinemagraph-friendly.

1. Stuart Weitzman


Of course we had to give the number one spot to the first adopter in the retail industry – and for good reason. These cinemagraphs blend style and edge into some pretty cool imagery. The best part? The company is pushing product-focused Facebook ads to women who viewed the cinemagraphs on Instagram.

Have you seen a cinemagraph on your social media networks lately? Leave your comments in the section below!

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