5 Last Minute Office Pranks

By vitamin

The clock is ticking. It’s the final hours to put together that last ditch effort to one-up that co-worker who always seems to pull off flawless pranks year after year on April Fools Day. To help you out we put together a list of 5 easy pranks that don’t take 6 months of planning to execute.

Office Pranks - Stapler in Jello

1. J-E-L-L-O
It’s a classic and how can the best of the Office pranks not be included in your repertoire. Take one of  your foe’s most commonly used desk accessories and entomb it in colorful, jiggly, delicious Jello … simple enough, right. Their cherished Swingline, a Big Hug Mug, or any other ironic pop culture reference item can be included.

Office Pranks - Office full of balloons

2. It’s not a Party Without Balloons
The key to this prank is in sheer quantity. An office is the ideal location because you can cram it to the brink and then just close the door behind you. If your nemesis has a cubicle, however, feel free to seal the entrance and use packing peanuts instead.

Office Pranks - Car covered in Post-It Notes

3. They’ll Never Forget
Post-it notes are a pretty common office prank, but they tend to cover a co-worker’s desk with the little yellow notepads. I prefer a co-worker’s vehicle because throughout the day they get lulled into a false sense of security and by the end of the day, feel as though they’ve made it through scott-free … It isn’t until they head out to the parking lot to go home that their hopes and dreams are shattered and the joke’s on them.

Office Pranks - Dead fish in desk

4. 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Take three whole fish and paint a 1, 2, and 4 on them. Place these fish at your co-worker’s desk in somewhat obvious places. The point to this one is for them to be found. Once the joke is out in the open, sit back and watch how long a person will search for a non-existent fish with a 3 painted on it.

Office Pranks - Singing Telegram

5. The Sweet Sound of Success
It may cost a little more than the previous options, but a singing telegram at 9 am can be your soundtrack to victory this April Fools Day. Be sure to make the message as mundane as you can. Spread the word of your plans for lunch, or deliver a detailed meeting request … if all else fails, just have your lyrical comrades declare your superiority while blaring ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ in the background.

So what mischief have you got planned for your co-workers?

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