4 Ways to Get Your Medical Staff Involved in the PR Program

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Medical staff have a lot going on. And between the long hours, busy schedules and important patient matters, it can be tough to get them involved in your marketing program. Budget cuts also mean that healthcare marketing departments have to get more creative with their marketing efforts, keeping costs top-of-mind.

Here are a few quick ways to get your medical staff involved in your PR program at minimal time and cost.

Develop a speakers’ bureau
Select a handful of well-spoken doctors to participate in a speakers’ bureau and speak to the media on behalf of your organization. Making it a formalized program and hand selecting specific doctors to participate in it will make it easier to proactively pitch the media, and it will make the participants feel special – enhancing their commitment to the program. Ask the participating docs which hot topics they can speak to and pitch those stories to the media.

Hold media training classes
Some medical staff are intimidated by the thought of talking to a reporter. To ensure that they feel confident in their abilities to interact with the media, hold a short media training session to prep them on the do’s and don’ts of media interviews and answer any questions they may have. Assuaging their fears will make them more comfortable with PR and will encourage them to become proactively involved in your PR program.

Encourage content sharing
When your hospital posts content to its social media properties, do you encourage your staff to share it? Employees are a powerful way to market via social media. Consider sending out internal emails when major press announcements are made, and encourage your employees to share the news with their networks.

Capitalize on your email signatures
Email signatures are a great way to share news with current patients and business connections. Encourage your staff to add a link to your company’s newsroom in their signatures so the people they email on a daily basis can see the great coverage your hospital is earning.

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