4 Things to Remember this Planning Season

By vitamin
Four things to remember this planning season

Planning season is upon us. Ideally, you’ve already started preparing your major initiatives for 2016 and are just putting on the finishing touches. But many companies are currently playing catch up. Here is a list of four things that tend to slip through the cracks during planning season, but need to stay top of mind:

1. Media Relations

If you want to get earned coverage in major media outlets, start planning now. Begin formulating story ideas and topics you’ll tackle with the media in the new year. If you’re looking to get coverage in long lead publications, remember, they work 3+ months out so if you’re just now starting your media relations planning, focus your efforts on developing pitches for Q2 and beyond.

2. Milestones / Anniversaries

If your company is approaching a major anniversary in 2017, then 2016 is the year to start planning (assuming you haven’t started planning already). Anniversaries are a great opportunity to make a splash in your market, increase touch points with customers / clients, raise awareness and bring in new business. But it takes careful planning and creativity to get the most impact out of your anniversary.

3. Social Media Budgets

Social media is no longer the “free” medium. While it is certainly a cost effective way to get your content out to your target audiences, it takes paid promotion to cut through the clutter and stand out amongst competitors and other internet noise. Make sure you’re setting aside some of your marketing budget for paid promos on social media, whether it be ads on LinkedIn, boosted posts on Facebook, “like” campaigns, etc.

4. Internal Communication

Don’t forget that your employees can be your company’s biggest advocates. Make sure they are kept abreast of all major announcements, unique campaigns and company changes in the new year.

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