4 Things to Know about SEO

By vitamin

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that intimidates most people who don’t design web sites for a living. We get it. SEO can seem like a confusing and daunting task – and sometimes it certainly can be. But it’s a critical component to driving new business.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms, which means that SEO professionals and, well, anyone with a website, is forced to keep up. So while you may not have time to learn all of the ins and outs of search engine optimization, here are four basic things you must know about SEO.

Earn your links
Google views links from other websites that redirect to your website as “votes,” and the more “votes” you earn, the better you’ll perform with search engines. And, the more reputable the website that gives you a “vote,” the more weight Google puts behind it. To get other organizations to link to your website, generate interesting content that is easily shared (such as a blog post, expert article, or compelling video); get an article published by a top industry publication that was bylined by an executive at your firm and includes links to your website; or ask partner organizations to link to your site. Weight is also given to companies mentioned on social media.

Just a few years ago, companies could pay to issue a press release through a traditional or non-traditional newswire service and garner hundreds of links in a second, boosting them to the front page of Google via syndicated sites. But then Google wised up and released a new algorithm update that penalizes websites for repetitive, inorganic links. Lesson learned? Earn your links through referrals and gain Google’s trust.

Upgrade your platform
Google wants users to experience the best of the best websites, so it ranks outdated websites poorly. In fact, Google announced last year that websites still using flash would no longer be supported in search results on mobile devices. Make sure that your content management system is up-to-date and can support multimedia and other rich content. The faster your website’s response time, the better you’ll rank.

Content is king
You may have heard this phrase before, as more marketers are embracing the value of content marketing, but it’s true – content is king when it comes to SEO. As Google’s algorithms become smarter, so does Google’s ability to differentiate poor quality content from high quality content. Search engines want to deliver the most valuable content to its users, so be sure to hire a good copywriter for your website. Also, consider incorporating multimedia, like photos and videos, for higher search rankings.

SEO is an ongoing process
We’ve mentioned it before, but we cannot stress this enough: SEO is constantly evolving, which means your website must constantly evolve too. When determining which websites to serve a user in their search results, Google looks for fresh, relevant, keyword-rich content and websites that have been updated and are keeping up with its technology changes. It’s imperative for your organization to regularly monitor your site’s search engine performance and perform routine maintenance on your site as needed.

To summarize, search engine optimization all comes down to the user experience. Make sure that your website is fast, responsive, content-rich and up-to-date to secure your top spot with Google.

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