4 Reasons Nonprofit Organizations Should Be On Twitter

By Vitamin


Are you having a hard time understanding how Twitter can be of value for your nonprofit? Have you been told that Twitter is best for for-profit companies? Our nonprofit clients often come to us wondering the same thing: should we invest time and effort into Twitter? In our experience, we have found that Twitter engagement can be incredibly worthwhile for nonprofit organizations, depending on your goals and target audiences. Need some convincing? Read on!

1. Consider that 40% of Twitter users visit the platform daily according to Pew Research Center earlier this year. This means that of the donors, volunteers and corporate partners you’re trying to reach on Twitter, about a third are checking Twitter every day and could be regularly exposed to your news, updates and opportunities to get involved.

2. A study conducted by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Georgetown University found that Americans who engage with a nonprofit on social media are more likely to participate in cause-related activities such as volunteering or donating money. By consistently posting quality content and sprinkling in reminders about donation needs and volunteer opportunities, you are reminding your followers of the value of your organization and then providing them with ways to engage, both online and in real life.

3. The number of people on Twitter interested in following nonprofits is growing. According to Adweek, nonprofit organizations saw a 25% increase in Twitter followers last year. This upward trend is evidence that the people you’re trying to reach on Twitter may be more interested in your content than you expect.

4. Forty-seven percent of Americans learn about causes via social media and other online outlets. This shift in the way people are discovering nonprofits should be reflected in the way your organization approaches Twitter: as a consistent opportunity to build awareness rather than a social media platform on the back burner.

Is your nonprofit organization active on Twitter? Tell us how it’s going in the comment section below!

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