4 Big Changes Coming to Twitter

By vitamin
Four big changes coming to Twitter

2015 was not a good year for Twitter. Its stock tumbled by 50% since co-founder Jack Dorsey took over as CEO. Naturally, the company wants to do something about it – and fast. Here are four major changes that Twitter is making to boost its sales and its reputation.

Tweets will be ranked by popularity

Last week, Twitter announced that it is changing its algorithm – and the reaction to the change has been harsh (#RIPTwitter was trending). Instead of the traditional way of listing tweets chronologically, Twitter will now list the most popular tweets first. While this is a feature that can be disabled, it has already thrown customers – and companies – into a frenzy. In fact, a major transit system in London has already announced that it will stop announcing minor transportation issues on Twitter and report only the major ones, so that they will appear correctly on timelines.

Vitamin’s Take: The new algorithm is completely shaking up how most people use Twitter – to get quick, first-hand accounts of news. When you begin ranking tweets by popularity, important issues can easily fall through the cracks. Users will miss content from people and brands that may not get the highest engagement. The new algorithm also makes assumptions about what users want to see – rather than letting users decide for themselves.

10,000 character limit

The longer tweet is soon to become a reality as soon as the end of Q1 2016. According to insiders at the company, Twitter is planning to roll out a 10,000-character limit for its tweets – the same limit that it currently has on direct messages.

Vitamin’s Take: Longer character limits are great and all – if you aren’t Twitter. Upping the character limit is taking away the sole thing that makes Twitter Twitter – the tweet! The bird in Twitter’s logo will no longer be chirping but instead singing a lengthy song that no one wants to hear. And let’s face it – some people just shouldn’t be given 10,000 characters to rant about whatever they want to (imagine the drama Kanye West can stir up with 10,000 characters).

The GIFs are coming

Are you one of those hip, young people who send GIFs instead of texts when you’re talking to your friends? Even if you’re not, now you can tweet like one! Twitter has teamed up with GIPHY – an app that offers GIFs on tap for any emotional reaction – to integrate a GIF into a tweet as seamlessly as an emoji.

Vitamin’s Take: We’re excited, but we all know what this means – the office debates we’ve had over how to pronounce “GIF” are going to get heated again.

Customer Feedback Gets Easier

For any company that uses social media to offer customer support, your life just got a whole lot easier. Twitter just rolled out the ability for companies to add a “send a private message” button to tweets. That means, if you’re talking to a customer / client and you need personal information (like a phone number, email address, etc.) you can switch up your privacy in a snap. This would also help companies who prefer to resolve complaints on social media privately. After the exchange, there is also a pop-up that encourages customers to tweet about their experience with your company.

Vitamin’s Take: This is fantastic for anyone in business. It increases the immediacy and efficacy of customer relations. Plus, if you have a customer service team, you can get immediate feedback on their performance without having to pay for extra software.

So what do you think of Twitter’s new changes? Leave your comments in the section below!

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