3 Reasons Why You Need an Office Dog

By vitamin
Vitamin's Chief Security Officer, Alaz

With Americans spending nearly one third of their day, five days a week, at work, business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce stress. While our office pup, Alaz, has been shedding all over Vitamin’s office since day one, more and more companies are integrating canine companions into their workplace – and more and more research supports the idea that office dogs are good for the work environment.

So here are three reasons why you need an office dog for your “ruff”-est workdays.

1. They Reduce Stress

Several studies have come out that support the notion that dogs reduce workplace stress. One such study from the Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees who brought their dogs to work experienced lower stress levels during the workday, a more positive perception of their employer and higher levels of job satisfaction. Other studies have found that the gaze shared between a dog and a human increases oxytocin – you know, that chemical that makes you really happy. And who doesn’t want to be really happy at work?

2. They Increase Collaboration

That same VCU study found that office dogs tend to be a point of conversation between workers who typically did not speak to one another. A dog’s presence in the room has also been shown to increase trust between coworkers and increase team cohesion and intimacy. If you want to strengthen your pack, a dog could certainly lead the way.

3. They’re A Great Marketing Tool

Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of adorable office dogs on the Internet? Not only can you spruce up your social media presence with pics of your furry friends, but you’ll also be able to entertain dog-loving clients during meetings. Plus, they make a great recruiting tool for millennials who are looking for employers that value a work-life balance and office enjoyment.

Thinking about bringing your dog to work? Be sure to follow the ASPCA’s doggie office etiquette tips as well.

Is your office dog-friendly? Leave a comment below about your experience!

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