3 Healthcare Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

By vitamin
3 Healthcare Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing better than Valentine’s Day to remind marketers about the importance of relationships. Even if you don’t sell lingerie or flowers, there’s still a lot you can do to take advantage of the holiday – especially in healthcare.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – do you have a marketing strategy in place? If not, these simple tips can help your employees and patients alike fall in love with your healthcare organization.

1. Show your organization some love

Not everyone has someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, so be sure to show some love to all of your employees. Now is a great time to give your internal communications program a boost by sending a heartfelt email to your staff. It can be a robust HTML email spotlighting employees that have gone above and beyond or a simple email from the CEO wishing everyone a happy holiday – as long as it is positive and spreads the love.

2. Give your social media some TLC

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to generate engagement on social media. Hosting contests, suggesting healthy gift ideas and launching fun love-rated polls are great ways to boost engagement. Also, since Valentine’s Day falls during February (American Heart Month) there’s a great opportunity to share valuable heart health content such as tips, statistics and patient success stories.

3. Incorporate Valentine’s Day concepts into your health campaigns

Healthcare comes down to the idea of taking care of yourself – it’s what keeps healthcare costs down and patients happy. That’s why it’s important to always find creative ways to encourage patients to take control of their own health. Last year, our web and public relations agency,Vitamin, created a direct mail campaign to drive signups for Saint Agnes Hospital‘s 60-Minute Heart Check during American Heart Month. The mailer mimicked a traditional Valentine card, but the inside included hard-hitting heart disease data, preventative steps for better heart health and a call-to-action to the campaign landing page. Incorporating Valentine’s Day concepts – cards, quotes or holiday jargon – is a great way to insert your healthcare organization into the existing holiday-focused conversation and connect with the patient population.

Saint Agnes heart disease direct mailer

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