2015 Is An Open Canvas: Dare to Be Bold!

By Mike Karfakis

The New Year symbolizes a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to get rolling on all the plans you procrastinated on for the past 12 months. We wanted to capture that essence in our annual holiday/new years gifts. Having built a really over-the-top concept for 2014, the team was determined to better last year’s efforts.

What we came up with was to push the idea that 2015 is an open canvas with endless possibilities. Playing off the ‘canvas’ wording, paint supplies and their packaging seemed like a natural fit. As a small goodie, jelly beans made for a great substitute to actual paint. From there, we branded everything as CMY2K15 to represent the colors used in printing (cyan – C, magenta – M, yellow – Y and black – B) as well as the year ( 2K15 ).


The cans were the first elements to be designed, and we settled on a clean, slightly vintage aesthetic. A label was created for each can, accompanied by a matching lid label. To push the paint concept, we added a small swatch of color just as you would get at your local hardware store.

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With design complete, the team printed, cut and assembled each element by hand.


80 lbs of Jelly Beans were ordered from the fine folks at Jelly Belly.


50 cans for each color, assembled, filled and capped.


We included a paint can opener with each package to make for an unusual delivery to an inquisitive recipient.


Funky illustrations, fun paint-themed sayings and hand-done touches pulled the entire concept together. We’re extremely happy with how the overall project turned out. It’s definitely going to be tough to beat next year.



Fully completed tubes ready to go out the door.

21 Comments on: 2015 Is An Open Canvas: Dare to Be Bold!

  • Ed Brake says:

    I was close between yellow and red but I have to go with yellow!

  • I must say Vitamin never disappoints with creative Holiday treats. The Carolina blue wins my vote!

    • Mike Karfakis Mike Karfakis says:

      DUANE!!! Thanks for the kind words!! Carolina fan are you?! Blue is my fave too!!!

  • Aileen Eskildsen says:

    My favorite by far is the black licorice!!

    • Mike Karfakis Mike Karfakis says:

      AH! A black licorice fan! We love that one too! Thanks for the comment Aileen!

  • The jelly bean paint cans are proudly displayed on my desk. Truly an eye catcher and conversation piece. Another example of Vitamin’s unique creativity. BTW, I’m partial to red (cherry).

    • Mike Karfakis Mike Karfakis says:

      Thanks Kevin!! So glad you like them! Cherry, eh? I’m a fan of Berry Blue!!

  • Kathy Mahar says:

    Packaging was fantastic

  • Wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but I knew it was going to be something cool because the package came from Vitamin Inc. Lo and behold another over the top creative marketing tool. Truly a great concept.

  • Kirstan Cecil says:

    Another creative and fun presentation by Vitamin! Always a treat to see what they will come up with. As for me, I’m a lemon lover!!!

  • The best and favorite gifts are the ones where you know the giver has put much thought and care into giving it….

    What a lovely reminder of the creative, craftsman-like ingenuity that is literally spilling out of Vitamin every day…

    Thanks, Vitamin!

    (And, though I represent a minority, licorice Jelly Bellys are truly best!)

    • Mike Karfakis Mike Karfakis says:

      AWW!! Thanks Anne!!! We certainly tried hard!

      Your words!!!! These make it worth all the effort. Thanks for the recognition. Means a great deal coming from you.

      Those licorice flavors are an acquired taste!

  • Subin says:

    I was very confused when I first saw this in the mail and then after looking closely at the fine print I was surprised to see the effort involved and thought process behind the gift.

    Crafty! Red ones are nice-

    • Mike Karfakis Mike Karfakis says:

      Ha! Thanks Subin! And welcome aboard as our newest recent client! Guess I should have warned you that we were sending something crafty your way. Glad you dug into it and commented here! Looking forward to working with you in 2015!

  • Super cool to get those Jelly Bellies! Awesome original packaging the way only Vitamin could do it, love seeing the process!

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