14 Ways to Kick Off 2014

By vitamin

Photo courtesy of Matt Sinclair

Done with the raucous partying but tired of sitting at home, doing nothing to bring in the New Year? Check out these 14 interesting ways to bring in 2014.

  1. In the year of DIY, spending New Year’s Eve cataloging your 2013 memories could be a lot of fun. Host a scrapbooking party with your craftiest friends and family members. Don’t forget to use Pinterest for inspiration.
  2. Looking to make some changes in your life? Revamp your wardrobe. Go through your closet and pull out all of the things you never wear anymore, can’t wear anymore or shouldn’t wear anymore. Then donate them! It’s a great way to give to the less fortunate and simultaneously step your look up a notch.
  3. Start a new family tradition.  It’s great to bring in the New Year with your loved ones. And the best way to get them excited about togetherness is to start a fun tradition. Whether you always head to NYC to watch the ball drop, roast marshmallows in your fireplace and play your favorite card games or take a family portrait on the first of each year, make sure it’s something the whole fam can look forward to.
  4. Listening to good music is a guaranteed good time – but this New Year’s Eve you’ll have an even better time singing good music. Head to the nearest karaoke bar with your friends, grab a few drinks and sing your favorite songs from 2013. You won’t regret it.
  5. Not interested in going out this year? Host a simple dinner party for friends and family on New Year’s Eve. Serve yummy dishes, make festive cocktails and have plenty of noisemakers on hand.
  6. Start a new talent. We all have one — that thing you’ve always wanted to learn how to do, but have never had the opportunity (or perhaps never taken the initiative). Whether it’s learning to play the guitar, learning how to sew or learning a new language, this New Year’s Eve, do what you need to do to kick start your new hobby. Read some books on the subject, sign up for some nearby classes and start practicing!
  7. If every year you and your friends say, “this is the year we’re going to get in shape”, then make this the year you actually start your healthy regime. On New Year’s Eve, invite all of your friends over for a yoga session, a healthy cooking party or a fun night of Zumba. At the end of the night you all can discuss your wellness resolutions for the upcoming year.
  8. Host a scavenger hunt. If you have a big family with lots of kids – this is a great one. Give everyone clues to find hidden family treasures around the house or the neighborhood. Enjoy time spent reminiscing as you all hunt for old family photos, ticket stubs to memorable outings and childhood collectibles.
  9. Looking to go big this year? Take a trip to one of the New Year’s Eve hot spots. Whether you jet set to Vegas, New York, Paris or Sydney, you’re sure to bring in the New Year doing something fabulous.
  10. Interested in other cultures but looking to save money? Celebrate other cultures’ New Year traditions at home. Did you know the Dutch eat deep-fried dough called oliebollen for good luck and in Costa Rica they walk through the neighborhood holding luggage, representing new travels and adventures? Pick a country, do some research and try something new.
  11. We’re creatures of habit so we all have our favorite restaurants, coffee bars, bookstores, etc. Spend New Year’s Eve traveling to your most frequented hangout spots of 2013. Reflect on the great times you had there and then vow to try some new places in 2014.
  12. Have a yard sale. The common New Year theme is “out with the old and in with the new.” So take it literally. Get rid of all of the clothes, kitchenware, DVDs and furniture you no longer need with a nice, old fashioned yard sale. Your neighbors are looking to update their belongings in the new year just as much as you are – so you never know, you might even be able to make a simple trade.
  13. Send well wishes to your friends and family. Holiday cards aren’t just for the December holidays. Spend some time writing personal, handwritten notes to your loved ones about the success and prosperity you wish for each of them to experience in the new year.
  14. Invite some adventure into your life. On New Year’s Day go skydiving, take an introductory flying lesson or go mountain climbing. Thrill-seeking activities are a great way to start off your year with a bang – and it’s likely to be a day you’ll never forget.

So how are you going to bring in the New Year?

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