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2011: Year of the Rabbit Tablet

by Mike Karfakis on February 1, 2011

Photo courtesy of HighTechDad

If you weren’t one of the 6.35 million people who received an iPad for Christmas, don’t worry. According to the Chinese calendar, it’s the year of the rabbit, but it also seems to be the year of the pocket computer, better known as the tablet.

In addition to those already on the market (Dell Streak, Coby Kyros MID7015, Samsung Galaxy Tab), PC and mobile device-makers are coming out with a slew of new tablets in the coming months, including the iPad 2, a smaller, faster, slimmer, version of the original. Analysts estimate the market for tablet devices to grow to 40-50 million units in 2011 and $24.1 million in sales – somewhere in the range of 300% growth over 2010.

Some of the most anticipated tablets are:

The folks at engadget have put together a nifty chart of “The tablets of CES”, great looking new products that were shown off at this year’s Computer Electronics Show (CES). Pullout keyboards, sleek designs, TV remote functionality, dual cameras – fancy stuff. Of the 36 tablets featured at CES, seven are Windows-based and one is RIM. The rest use the Android platform.

With all of this competition, will the beloved iPad still reign supreme? All we know for sure is: thin is in.


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